Race Number Pick-Up

Information will be updated later.

Participant packets & race numbers must be picked up on 16 July 16:00–22:00 at Olympic Complex Luzhniki.

To pick-up participant packet and race number you must present:
— Photo ID;
— The original medical certificate stating the participant has no contra-indication to running in competition;
— For participants aged 16-17 years: a permission letter from the parents to participate in the race, or one of the parents presence when race number picked-up.

PLEASE NOTE: No race materials will be released without all these documents. If you forget your medical certificate, you will not be authorised to take the start.

Participant packet:
— Race number with timing chip;
— Wristband and clothing bag for clothing drop off;
— LED Flashlight;
— T-shirt;


Medical certificate must proof that the participant has no contra-indication to running in competition. Medical certificate must be valid in the athlete's country of residence, filled in, stamped and signed by a doctor, and comply with all the rules and regulations enforced in the athlete's country. The certificate must be issued less than 6 months prior to the Night Run, i.e. 16 January 2016.

Certificates will not be returned to the participants. A copy is acceptable upon presentation of the original certificate.

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