Dear athletes!

Winter is still in full swing, but we are getting prepared already to open the new running season!

This Friday, February 5, the registration for the Moscow Marathon opens. The Moscow Marathon, which is the most significant running event in Russia will take place September 25, when 30,000 runners from all over the world will meet at Luzhniki.

By tradition, this year there will be five preliminary races:
April 10 - First race, 5 km;
May 15 - Moscow Half Marathon, 21.1 km;
June 19 - Color Run, 5 km;
July 16 - Night Run, 10 km;
August 14 - Music Half Marathon, 21.1 km.

The two races of this season - Moscow Half Marathon and Night race - will have the new, even more impressive routes than before, while the number of participants has been increased at all the races of the series.

The first race registration opens on February 9.

Follow the news!
Let us meet at the starting line!


The main start of the year is behind. On the 20th of September 20 000 participants ran in Moscow the most massive marathon of Russia charging the whole city with their energy.

Among male runners on the distance of 42.2 kilometers Kenyan Kiptu Lazarus was the fastest, his result is 2 hr. 19 min. 35 sec. The second on the finish was Sergey Zyryanov with the time 2 hr. 19 min. 58 sec. Third place — Alexander Matveychuk, who run the marathon in 2 h. 20 min. 53 sec. Nina Podnebesnova was the first among girls at the distance of 42.2 km with the result of 2 hr. 33 min. 11 sec. The second place — Natalia Starkova, who run the marathon in 2 h. 33 min. 41 sec. Nadezhda Leshchinskaya was third with the result of 2 hr. 36 min. 52 sec.

Best results among men on 10 km distance belong to: Rinas Akhmadeev — 29 min. 45 sec., Iskander Yadgarov - 30 min. 54 sec., Vyacheslav Sokolov - 31 min. 25 sec. The fastest female runners on the distance of 10 km were: Nadezhda Triyanskaya - 35 min. 06 sec., Daria Chudaykina - 35 min. 36 sec., Maria Malysheva - 35 min. 52 sec.

Also within the Moscow Marathon 23 corporate teams ran 42.2 km in the relay format. The strongest teams were Avito.ru, Mars Runners, Moscow 24 channel.

Next year will be even more eventful and memorable. We look forward to April 2016, to give a start to the new season and to see again happy faces at the finish, wins, hard training and the way - from dream to reality.


On the 20th of September 20 000 people from all over the world will gather in Luzhniki sports complex to kick off the most massive marathon of the country!

An event which thousands of people have been expecting the whole year will take place already this Sunday – the Moscow Marathon 2015 – a climax for the entire season of actitivies and unrelenting trainings.

Throughout the season, we have overcome multiple preparatory steps: First Run, Moscow Half Marathon and Music Half Marathon, Color and Night Runs.

Like last year the participants will run across the most picturesque and historical places in the city - Tverskaya Street, the Garden Ring, Tsvetnoy Blvd., Krymsky Bridge, embankments and tree-lined boulevards of Moscow. The unique route will provide an opportunity to explore the city and to see it from a different viewpoint.

Kilometres of roads will be rushing by, and an indescribable atmosphere will make the victory closer.

The registration for the Moscow Marathon closed one month before the competition, but it does not mean that you can not feel the whole drive and energy that will prevail on that day. We are looking forward to seeing friends and fans, who will support athletes and become part of an important event in the life of the city and each of the participants.


Music Half Marathon “sounded” on the 16th of August. Having got off the mark in Luzhniki sports complex, 6,000 participants ran 21.1 km along the embankments of the capital, enjoying the panorama of the city and live music played by Mirra, Totem, #STASKOROLIOV, The Poseurs, Cloud Maze, Gallerea, Anahearta, ShantyNatty, OLEG, Choo-Wah-Key and other bands.

While runners were covering their 21.1 km, fans were charged by DJ Gnus and Drum Mafia drum show at the main stage of the start-finish camp.

The fastest among men were: Evgeni Bushkov — 1 h 04 min 53 sec, Mikhail Kulkov — 1 h 05m 11 sec, Sergey Zyryanov — 1 h 06 m 26 sec. Best results among women were shown by: Olga Tarantinova — 1 h 13 m 54 sec, Ekaterina Shkodrina — 1 h 16 m 59 sec, Tamara Shchemerova — 1 h 16 m 33 sec.

It is the second year in a row when the Music Half Marathon is opened by handbikers race, which starts 10 minutes before the runners. The leader of handbikers movement Andrey Shiryaev and the Paralympic world champion Svetlana Moshkovich covered the halfmarathon distance at 41 minutes 21 seconds. They finished together, hand in hand.

After the victory ceremony Vladi from Casta went onstage presenting his new song "Wake Up the District", and the race ended with a vivid performance of the Moscow Marathon ambassador – rapper ST.


Life would be boring without music!

On August 16 Music Half Marathon gets underway at Luzhniki Sports Complex near Druzhba Universal Sports Hall. This will be the most melodic start of the season as DJs and music bands will perform on stages set up on purpose along the distance. Marathoners will run 21.1 kilometers listening to live music by the bands Totem, #STASKOROLIOV, The Poseurs, Cloud Maze, Gallerea, Anahearta, ShantyNatty, OLEГ, Choo-Wah-Key. 

And at the main stage beside the starting/finishing line surprise awaits for everybody – performance of the Moscow Marathon ambassador rap-singer ST and Vladi, known for being part of Kasta, the main hip-hop formation in ex-Soviet space. Vladi will present his new track Razbudi Rayon (Wake your block up) to all those who live by sports or just get ready to choose an active lifestyle. Vladi composed his track inspired by Wake Your Bedroom Block Up campaign developed by Adidas to encourage people for regular running.

6,000 racers will run along a picturesque route in one circle across the city center through Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya and Kremlyovskaya embankments across Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge through Raushskaya and Kosmodamianskaya embankments to Novospassky bridge and back.

As part of Music Half Marathon a handbike contest will also take place. In this sport the
bicycle is set in motion by athlete’s hands.

Every willing person can attend the run to support runners, listen to the music and enjoy a perfect Sunday.


On July 18 the Night Run took place at Luzhniki Sports Complex! An endless stream of 4,000 moving lights illuminated the 10 km distance. Light installations along the track, laser show at the finishing line and bright runners outfit: this performance left no one indifferent. The Night Run gave drive and emotions to both runners and supporters who cheered athletes loudly at the finishing line.

The top male finishers were Sergey Konyakin — 30 m. 48 s., Aleksey Farnosov — 31 m. 14 s. and Aleksandr Cheburkin — 31 m. 23 s. The fastest among women proved to be Olga Tarantinova - 34 m. 45 s., Tamara Shchemerova - 35 m. 41 s. and Yuliya Kryukova — 35 m. 58 s.

See you on August 16 at Music Half Marathon!


Just one night can become brighter and more vibrant than others this summer.

On July 18 Luzhniki Sports Complex will illuminate the summer-night city with a thousand lights and open the most romantic preparatory race to the Moscow Marathon 2015 – the Night Run!
It will be a truly impressive show: upon the sunset 4,000 runners will run 10 km along Luzhnetskaya embankment driving the night away by a caravan of twinkling lights.
Welcome to watch, have fun, run, meet old friends and make new acquaintances.


Yellow, green, lilac and red clouds floated over Luzhniki Sports Complex.

On June 21 Colour Run took place that gathered over 5,000 people.

On this overcast day Luzhniki were coloured brighter than the sun. The most straightforward, cheerful and athletic runners joined the race and proved that joyful emotions prevail over finishing time.

Ambassadors of the Moscow Marathon rap singer ST, actress Polina Grents and TV host Nikolay Dubinin greeted athletes and even joined the race. So did guests of the event TV host Valdis Pelsh as head of 'Ya Est' (I am) charity fund team, actor Ivan Zhvakin, twice Olympic champion Svetlana Masterkova and actress Elizaveta Arzamasova.
It was an unforgettable festival of sport that will stay in our memory for long! Thanks to athletes, guests and supporters who came bringing their entire families to fill this day with vivid colours.

See you at the starting line next time!


What are your plans for the longest day of the year?

On June 21 we will gather at Luzhniki Sports Complex where Preparation Race 3 to Moscow Marathon, the Colour Run will take place.

The Color Run is an event that can be rightfully called one of the most vivid in the capital. This year 5,000 people will participate. Apart from racers, we await for spectators who traditionally bring their families to support participants and just have fun. Everybody wants to see this firework of colours. It is exciting to watch it both at a distance and among supporters.

Start at the Southern Sports Cluster of Luzhniki.
Distance: 5 km.
Colourful fireworks at the finish.
Free entrance for spectators!


Very soon on May 17 Luzniki Olympic Complex will host the second race of Moscow Marathon 2015 series – Moscow Half Marathon!

As tradition demands Moscow Marathon ambassadors including TV-presenters Artyom Korolyov and Yelena Siluyanova, rap-star ST and actress Polina Grents will come to cheer up and congratulate athletes. Organizers involve well-known persons into the project to popularize running culture across the country. All project’s ambassadors are proactive and vivid personalities supporting a healthy lifestyle.

The course of Half Marathon runs along embankments of the capital. Six thousand athletes will gather Sunday morning to challenge themselves and run 21.1 km and 10 km. Thus, they will get closer by half to the cherished 42.2 km marathon distance.
See you at the starting line!


On the warmest day of April over 5,000 lovers of active lifestyle gathered in Luzhniki to start preparation for the Moscow Marathon 2015.

On April 12 3,000 athletes ran 5 km while about 2,000 guests and spectators came to support runners and get charged with energy and unmatched atmosphere of celebration.

Men’s race top results were as follows: Sergey Zyryanov – 0:15:00, Roman Sazonov – 0:15:25 and Sergey Sorokin – 0:15:26. Leaders among women were Tamara Shchemerova – 0:16:48, Yulia Kryukova – 0:17:34 and Darya Chudaikina who came with a time of 0:17:35. Note that this year Yulia Kryukova improved her result by 10 seconds.

Congratulations to all the participants on the opening of the new running season!
See you on May 17 at Moscow Half Marathon!


Dear athletes and spectators!

On April 12 the First Run opening Moscow Marathon 2015 series is held at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex!
3,000 runners will get together near the Small Sports Arena this Sunday to try their strength and open a new season with a 5 km run.
We invite spectators to support athletes and share unique atmosphere of a celebration for everybody with us.

See you at the start line!


Don't miss the brightest experience of your summer!

On March 19, we open the registration for the Color Run. A year ago we sold 2,300 tickets for this event in just 4.5 hours. This year, we double the number of participants to 5,000.
On June 21, those 5,000 will run the funniest and the most vivid five kilometers under dry rain of colors. Anybody over the age of 12 can be admitted.

We also remind you that the registration for this year’s main running event – The Moscow Marathon 2015 – is still open. We already have more than 6,000 people on board and you still have a chance to join us.


Registration for the Music Half Marathon is open!

Take part in the Music Half Marathon on August 16 to run along the spectacular embankments of Moscow - through Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya and Kremlevskaya embankments, Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, Raushskaya and Kosmodamianskaya embankments. You'll be kept motivated and entertained throughout the course by DJs and music bands. Register now!

Registration for the Night Run, which will be held on the 18th of July, is still opened. Don’t miss a chance to run 10 km under the night sky.

Moreover, the registration for the Moscow Marathon 2015 continues. More than 6,000 participants have already registered.

You'll be kept motivated and entertained throughout the course by DJs and music bands.


Dear athletes and fans!

We are glad to announce that registration for the Night Run opens tomorrow, 5 March. The Night Run will take place on the 18 July in order of preparation for the Moscow Marathon 2015. The number of participants is limited, so hurry up to register and don't miss a chance to race 10 km on summer night. The registration will be available until 6 July until the entry limit is reached.

Entry limit at the First Run, which will be held on 12 April, is already reached. Registration was closed in just 30 hours.

Registration for 21,1 km at the Moscow Half Marathon, 17 May, is already closed as ell. Though there is still available about 300 places at 10 km.

Registration for the Moscow Marathon is still available on our web site. At the moment, we have more than 5 500 participants! We had about 10,000 runners last year, and this year we expect twice as many, up to 20,000 runners!

We remind the dates for the 2015 season:
12 April — First Run, 5 miles,
17 May — Moscow Half Marathon, 21,1 km and 10 km,
21 June — Color Run, 5 miles,
18 July — Night Run, 10 km,
16 August — Music Half Marathon, 21.1 km.

Stay tuned!


We did it!

More than 10 000 people took part in the second Moscow Marathon. Hundreds of volunteers and thousands of happy smiles, millions of burned calories and something that defies the harsh statistics of numbers - the feeling that one is able to transcend oneself. With such aftertaste participants of the second Moscow Marathon - classiс distance length of 42 kilometers and 195 meters, left Olympic Complex "Luzhniki".

Salomon Barngetuni from Kenya finished the distance first (in just 2 hours 17 minutes 24 seconds), while Irina Smolnikova from Kazakhstan who finished the distance in 2 hours 40 minutes 22 seconds celebrated a victory for the second year in a row. Sergey Zyryanov from Moscow (2 hours 19 minutes 37 seconds) and Sergey Marchuk from Kiev (2 hours 19 minutes 48 seconds) have finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Among women Akimenkova Oksana from Podolsk (2 hours 43 minutes 29 seconds) and Denisova Lubov from Gainesville (2 hours 44 minutes 41 seconds) have attempted to compete with the winner. However, the real heroes of the day are the leaders of the corporate relay - Yandex, who defeated opponents, and the winners of the satellite –race 10 km long; the first place among men took Akhmadeev Rinas (29 minutes 23 seconds), Minshin Ildar (29 minutes 24 seconds) came 2nd and Michael Maximov (29 minutes 43 seconds) came 3rd. In the women's championship – the 1st place – Sergeeva Irina (33 minutes 49 seconds), the 2nd place – Popkova Natalia (33 minutes 55 seconds) and Trilinskaya Nadejda (34 minutes 16 seconds) came 3rd.

The second Moscow Marathon, which has become a prominent part of the international sports movement, set new standards in the urban culture of running and a healthy lifestyle in general. This is just a warm-up: the final kilometer of the Moscow Marathon 2014 was the starting point for future races in the third season of the running. Having caught our breath, we will set new records next year. This is the only way that requires more efforts and expanding own limits, this is the only way we can move forward – turning the dream into reality.

You will find more information about the runs and Marathon on our site.


Dear friends, we are on the home straight!

The registration on the main sport event Moscow Marathon will be closed today. On the 21st of September 2014 thousands of runners from Russia and other countries will meet in Moscow to run classic distance – 42 km 195 m and to take part in Moscow Marathon for the second time that has become important part of running movement.

Training races have started on April. More than 10 000 participants took part in different kinds of runs: First Run, Moscow Half Marathon, Color and Night runs, Music Half Marathon.

More than 11 thousands of runners applied for the Marathon. For all the participants Moscow main streets, embankments and avenues will be closed. We’ll run along specifically developed track: by the Moscow City, the Garden Ring Road and Tsvetnoy avenue, through Krimskiy Bridge and Kitaygorodskiy proyezd, down Tverskaya street and under the Kremlin walls. Who is not ready to run the marathon, can take 10 km. The start point and the finish point are at the same place in Olympic Complex Luzhniki.

«From dreams to reality» — the slogan of the Moscow Marathon 2014. Last year a dream about big sport event came true. Now it is time to dream about new records and new progresses.

You will find more information about the runs and Marathon on our site.


The Music Half Marathon took place on the embankments in Moscow for the first time in Russia yesterday, on August 17th. About 4 500 participants ran the distances of 21 km 097 m and 10 km. The first runners of 21 km 097 m distance were Sergey Zyryanov (1 h. 20 min. 31 s.) and Juliya Krykova (1 h. 20 min. 31 s.). Ilgizar Safiullin (31 min. 27 s.) and Aleksandra Pavlyutenkova (35 min. 5 s.) became the winners on 10 km distance.

Hand bikers competition started 10 minutes earlier then mass start. On the Music Half Marathon for the first time in the series of runs the group of sportsmen with reduced capabilities took part.

DJs and musicians performed for the runners on the specially installed stages along the distance. Dj Loona, Ze'bros Band, Sentyabr FМ, The Riots, Reykyavik, Young Adults, Jahz, Dj Chagin, Malkovic, Dahaka, Fugufish, Jars, Liker Zhara set the rhythm for participants.

The Music Half Marathon is the last part of training runs by Moscow Marathon, which will take place on the 21st of September 2014. Registration for the marathon is still opened. At the moment about 10 000 pers have already registered. The last day to apply for the marathon is September 8th.

You will find more information about the runs and Marathon on our site.


The Music Half Marathon will take place on the Moscow embankments for the first time in Russia. On the 17th August about 5 000 participants will meet to run the distances of 21 km 097 m and 10 km in Olympic Complex Luzhniki.

The Music Half Marathon is the last part of training runs by Moscow Marathon. It will take place along the picturesque embankments of the capital city in the rhythm of good mood; participants will run to the music. DJs and musicians will perform for the runners on the specially installed stages along the distance.

We're also pleased to share the important news for us. On the Music Half Marathon for the first time in the series of runs the group of sportsmen with reduced capabilities will take part.

You will find more information about the runs and Marathon on our site.


Dear sportsmen and sportswomen!

On 26th of July thousands of runners will set off for the Night Run on the Luzhnetskaya Embankment. 2500 thousand people will run 10 kilometres with headlamps turning the embankment into a stream of moving lights. The start is scheduled for 10.30 p.m.

The Night Run has aroused a great interest. The number of participants has doubled compared to the last year. Those who missed the chance to register for the run can get engaged as volunteers or come to back up the participants.


We're glad to announce that the women's run came off!

The first women's run - ELLE Run - came off on the territory of the adidas runbase> at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex under the auspices of the Moscow Marathon and adidas. 300 female readers of our information partner ELLE magazine joined the battle for the first place on the winning pedestal. Yuliya Kryukova (time 10:08) was the fastest to cover 3 kilometers, the second and the third places were taken by Tatiana Kolunova (time 10:48) and Maria Milevskaya (time 10:58) respectively.

The winners received presents from adidas and ELLE magazine. Congratulations to the girls!


Dear friends!

We have got some good news for companies, which would like to support the team spirit of the employees.

On the 21st of September at Moscow Marathon corporate race will be traditionally organized, in which famous companies participate second year. The route of the Classical marathon’s distance — 42 km 195 m will take the runners to the heart of the capital: the Garden Ring Road, Tsvetnoy Bulvar, Tverskaya street, at the Kremlin walls. Popularity of the corporate race is not deliberate it creates a new model of teamwork, develops skills of support and understanding between partners, moreover this kind of run creates active and healthy way of life in the collective.

Relay marathon will be divided into 5 stages. Each runner will get the number, chip with electronic timing system and T-shirt. Memorable medals of the marathon will be presented to the participants at the finish.

Registration to the Corporate Run will be opened until the 8th of September 2014.

Please find more information about Corporate Run and terms of registration on the link bellow http://moscowmarathon.org/en/marathon/marathon/registration-fee/


A bright colorful cloud of corn flour rose under the territory of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex on 21st June. On that day The Color Run took place and became one of the most memorable starts of 2014 as part of preparations for the Moscow Marathon. 2300 participants covered 5 kilometers on Luzhnetskaya Embankment through the clouds of colors that volunteers were throwing onto the runners along the distance. The first colored runners to cross the finishing line were Sergei Zyryanov among men with 14 minutes 53 seconds and Julia Kryukova among women with 17 minutes 42 seconds.

There was also a special run for children — adidas kids color run. 300 children showed great endurance and motivation in running their 1 kilometer under the colorful cloud.

Meanwhile, the Night Run on 26th July and the Musical Marathon on 17th August are already awaiting the runners. The registration for the Night Run closeв at a record-breaking time. For those who did not manage to register there is a great possibility of volunteering for the run or coming to support their friends.

Hurry up! The registration for the Musical Marathon is still open. Besides, the registration for the main sports event of the year — the Moscow Marathon which is to take place on 21st September has been open since 8th May. The available distances: 42 kilometers 195 meters and 10 kilometers.

For the team spirit admirers there will be a corporate relay race as part of the Marathon which has been attracting the most famous Russian companies for several years. The format of the relay race creates a brand-new, unique model of team work, develops support and understanding skills of the partners and is associated with the active and healthy mode of life.


Dear friends!

We are glad to share the news for children and their parents! Kids color run for 1 kilometer's distance will take place on 21th of June in Luzhniki at the Color Run! Adidas will be the sponsor and title partner of the Moscow Marathon and the runs. Like an adults, children will be colored by dry paint.

Children from 7 to 12 years old can take part in the kids color run. The run is free. The number of runners is limited to 300 kids. The priority right will be given to holders of coupons that can be received in adidas kids shops and the adidas web shop from 10th to 20th of June.

In the race pack of a participant there are T shirt, bandana, bib without electronic timing system, handle bag, discount coupon in adidas kids and in the adidas web shop for kids collection.

Registration for the kids color run and the pack pick-up will take place in a special pavilion on 21th of June at 8 a.m. The run starts at 10 a.m.

The little runners (under 7 years) will be able to run the distance with their parents. The run will take place in a second wave. I will be possible to register the little runners after the registration of children from 7 to 12 years old.


Latest news: registration for the Music Half Marathon will be open on the 29th of May 2014 at 17.00. Information for participants and registration: NewRunners.ru. The last part of training for Marathon will take place on 17th of August 2014. Musicians and Djs will perform along the track. Hurry up and don’t miss it!

The upcoming event is the Color Run that will take place on the 21th of June 2014.


Dear participants!

Thank you for great sport holiday that we had together on Moscow Half Marathon on the 18th of May 2014!

1800 participants ran the distance of 21.1 and 10 km about the Luzhnetskaya, Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya, Kremlevskaya and Moskvoretskaya embankments.

We would like to congratulate Sergey Zaryanov and irina Kozubovskaya, the winners in the distance of 21 km 097 m. In the distance of 10 km the leader was Sergey Sorokin and in women’s category — Mariya Bystrova.

Let’s continue the training! See you on the Color Run, which will take place on the 21th of June 2014!


Dear friends!

Registration for the Moscow Marathon 2014 opens tomorrow, 8 May at 17:00. The Moscow Marathon will take place on 21 September 2014. Distances available: 42.2 km and 10 km.

Registration for Marathon will be open on moscowmarathon.org.


It`s for the second year in a row that we start running season with the pre-season runs! A series of unique starts that will finish on September 21 with the main sports event of the city – Moscow Marathon – will take place on the territory of Luzhniki Olympic Complex in 2014.

Here you can follow the schedule of runs and preparation stages. Prior to the Marathon you`ll enjoy Color and Night Runs familiar from the last year, as well as new events – Moscow and Music Semi-marathons. The participants of the First Run that will take place on Sunday, April 6, will be the first ones to essay their powers and open a season at 5 km distance.

If you didn`t manage to register for the First Run, follow the registration information for Semi-marathon that will take place on May 18. The runners will manage to essay their powers at 10 km and 21.1 km distances and their readiness to run a marathon. The Run will take place on Luzhnetskaya, Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya, Kremlevskaya and Moskvoretskaya embankments. The registration date for Moscow Semi-marathon will become known in the closest time. Watch the news!


The First Run took place on April 6, 2014! 1500 participants opened a new running season and ran 5 kilometers along the Luzhnetskaya embankment. French biathlete Martin Fourcade – two-time Olympic champion, five-time world champion, two-time winner of the Champions Race, three-time world cup winner – took part in the run together with the participants.

The best men results showed: Nikolay Yanalov (15 min 55 sec), Konstantin Shishov (16 min 38 sec) and Aleksey Bystrov (16 min 41 sec). The women leaders are Nadezhda Trilinskaya (17 min 28 sec), Yulia Kryukova (17 min 45 sec) and Evgeniya Kremena (18 min 7 sec). Martin Fourcade congratulated the winners and gave away the prizes.

The next stage of preparation to the marathon is Moscow Semi-marathon that will start on May 18. The registration for the Semi-marathon will open any day. Watch the news!

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