Start time for the handbike race is 9:00.
Start time for the full marathon, 10km race and marathon relay is 9:10. The race will start in 8 waves. Your net running time will start to be recorded when you cross the start line.

Starting block division

The start will be divided into 5 designated blocks according to the submitted estimated personal times. The letters A-H on your race number show your allocated block.


Each starting block (except E) will have pacemakers to help set the tempo. They will be carrying flags and can be identified by their t-shirts with the following times indicated.

  • 2:59:00 (pace 4:15 min/km)
  • 3:14:00 (pace 4:36 min/km)
  • 3:29:00 (pace 4:57 min/km))
  • 3:44:00 (pace 5:19 min/km)
  • 3:59:00 (pace 5:40 min/km)
  • 4:14:00 (pace 6:02 min/km)
  • 4:29:00 (pace 6:23 min/km)

Use caution on the course

Please mind your fellow runners when you change lanes, spit, or approach a refreshment stand. Please take care not to endanger others or yourself.
In order to be able to hear your fellow runners of volunteers we kindly ask you to run without music headphones. Doing so you also won’t miss any cheers from the spectators.
No wheeled vehicles will be allowed to accompany the runners along the course. It is not allowed to use stroller, roller skates, skateboards or any other wheeled vehicles. No animals on the marathon course, please.

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