Claims and Complaints

The Participant is entitled to raise a claim or appeal for the panel of judges` consideration.

The claim and appeals shall include:
— claims and appeals influencing the final placing;
— claims and appeals as to inaccuracy of the timekeeping of the distance covered by the participant;
— claims and appeals as to disqualification of the participant for unsporting conduct.

Other claims may be ignored by the committee due to their insignificance (this includes misprints, incorrect profile data, etc.).

While making a claim the following data must be indicated:
— surname and name;
— distance;
— content of claim;
— materials proving the mistake (photo- or video-materials; data of individual time meters are not taken into consideration).

The claims are accepted only from the participants or third parties being official representative of the competition participants.

Claims and appeals influencing the final placing in individual all-around competition and age groups are accepted by the panel of judges in written or oral form from the moment of winners declaring till the official medal ceremony on the activity day. The final placing after the medal ceremony can be reviewed by the panel of judges provided that the facts of valid rules breach by the winner were detected, and this detection was impossible before the medal ceremony. The decision on review of the winning places is taken by the competition director.

For further issues the participant may file a claim or appeal for the period from the end of the race until 8 October. The claim or appeal must be sent in writing to e-mail address:

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